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Jiggy Jaggy

I am hooked on this doodling thing! I blame you Burger for the late nights I keep having, I close my eyes and see shapes and things I mut jot down. I thank you for having unleashed freedom and fun in my pens. I now doodle with my son who is doing some great stuff too! Great class, nice bright unpretentious vibe , talented artist, THANK YOU!!!!

Out of my first jagged and jittery drawings came this one, the composition intrigued me. By this time i had paper flying around everywhere and i was drawing with a pen on the end of a stick. Perhaps i should refer to this one as beginners luck. Aka: magnificent ignorance! 

I decided to redraw the above still trying to take the mind out of it and keep the subconshious flow going: 


Being a newbie I couldn't get to grips with illustrator so i carried on in photoshop...

I recon this has been my best outcome, not bad for a fine artist... rooted in realism and desperately trying to get away from it. EUREKA!!  I particularly like the surreal elements it has.

More works followed this one, here they are: 

 I then overlaid an angular background to this free flowing gentler sketch,  lots of fists and body language popped out at me which reminded me of the lyrics from a song i've been listing to: " a kiss with a fist is better than none!" 

The arm wrestle: 

Crazy vulture:

Gremlins inner beauty:  

I guess I am still finding my style....




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