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Samuel Call




Jib Kids

Jib Kids is a clothing brand inspired by sking and snowboarding. Longer fit hoodies and jackets have been part of the style in sking and snowboarding for a while. Our brand takes influences from the styles seen while riding and brings them into everyday wear. Our brand started with a handmade tall fit hoodie and expanded from there. Our main focus is on the fit of the clothing. We mold our various influences into clean, simple styles that work well on our taller, slimmer fits.

“Jib” is a word that refers to tricks on rails and features in skiing, snowboarding and skateboarding. Often Jibbing is done with much style and precision. The name Jib Kids reminds us of our passion for riding, as well as our goal to provide high quality, limited run, taller fit clothing. Everything is hand made in Colorado and Utah. We currently produce limited quantities of all our pieces. The majority of the clothing is cut and sewn from our own patterns to create the fit that matches up with the Jib Kids style. We plan on releasing more clothing from our own patterns and creating our own fabrics and prints that match the style of the brand. You can find us online at jibkids.com and on instagram, twitter and facebook @jibkids.

Looking forward to the class with everyone and learning how to take the brand to the next level.

~Sam Call


Jib Kids


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