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Jia Imagery


My name is Jia, but most people know me as Lisa Luo.

Based in Washington D.C., I am a photographer, a multi-media artist,  and a dreamer. 

I find our existence to be fascinating and wondrous. In my work, I use photography, video, and other mediums of self-expression to explore concepts of nature, simplicity, perception, and our connection to ourselves and with each other. 

I  am also a believer that art can completely (and positively) transform an individual, and over the years, I've realized that my mission is to spread ideas and self-empowerment through creating, sharing, and teaching art. In my free time, I serve as a teaching artist for the photography classes at a local nonprofit that provides free arts education to youth living in transitional housing in D.C. Contributing my small part to social progress, I conduct research and evaluation for social programs and education agencies during the day.

Jia Imagery will provide photography, video and other creative services, products, and fine art to art-lovers and photo enthusiasts. 


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