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Jewelry box / Pequeño Atelier

A few months ago, i started my own brand called Pequeño Atelier (that means little workshop) , the goal of this project  is the design and fabrication of unique items made of wood, always following a philosophy of functionality and aesthetic.

So i created the logo and all the branding that I need.

The illustrated elements are an iconic form of ink style

here aresome photos of the items I´ve made in the latest months.

So here is my Skillshare project, a Jewelry box and should have a label and a package. Is something tha need to be special because only one person is going to have it, is exclusive. this box is made of cedar wood, is robust and strong but simple with a diamond form.

my mood board.

First sketches, first design.

I use the sketch number 3 for the first design, have all the information that i want to say, the name of the form, an icon of the base form, what the product is, the 3/8 is the size of the wood, the logo, the name of the type of wood and a characteristic that is gloss.

here some applications.



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