Jewelry Store Website

Jewelry Store Website - student project

Jewelry Store Checklist
- Increase awareness of jewelry offerings
- Share pictures of jewelry
- Show list of upcoming shows
- Blog
- Mailing List
Does Not Need
- E-Commerce

Theme Contenders
Nordic -
User Happiness: No feedback whatsoever. Not really used a lot.
Free Support: No one has asked a question yet.
Paid Support: Unable to even find author's website.
Growth Opportunity: Still not even a fully finished theme.
Gut Feeling: No.

Sydney -
User Happiness: Fantastic star rating! Easy to use for beginners. Recommended.
Free Support: Lots of posts but moderately active.
Paid Support: Pro version available. Custom support for a small fee if on regular version.
Growth Opportunity: Very well adopted by the community. Sounds promising!
Gut Feeling: This is a good contender!

Hueman -
User Happiness: Very highly rated and reviewed. Seems to be very customizable.
Free Support: Forum is active and healthy. Posts are answered quickly.
Paid Support: No paid support from authors but a Full version of the theme exists and many developers work with this theme.
Growth Opportunity: Code is on Github and is actively developed. Will easily last 2+ years, and can be extended.
Gut Feeling: This is a great theme choice!

Lifestyle -
User Happiness: Not enough data. Its parent theme seems very highly rated and recommended.
Free Support: Moderately active forum. But the author doesn't post?
Paid Support: Not an option it seems.
Growth Opportunity: This is a child theme of Omega, which has 10,000 active installs since November 12th last year.
Gut Feeling: Promising, but a harder theme to implement, and no paid support means frustrating.

Rakiya -
User Happiness: Not enough data.
Free Support: No posts yet.
Paid Support: Theme author speaks another language - hard to get support in English.
Growth Opportunity: Unknown. Theme is currently being updated.
Gut Feeling: Too early for this theme.

Winners are: Sydney - and Hueman -
Final question: Will the one-page layout or the sidebar layout achieve my website goals better? I think the sidebars will, as I can put more information in the first screen of the website that way.

Final Winner: Hueman!

Meagan Hanes

WordPress Designer + Developer