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Jewelry Design: Making Your First Geode & Tassel Necklace with Basic Jewelry Making Techniques

1. Class Description:

I will take you through the steps of choosing a color scheme, length, materials, and variations so you can create your own unique design. I tell you where you can find the materials and tools you need to complete the project both online or in craft stores near you. 

2. Class Project: Making a Geode & Tassel Necklace

Assignment Overview: Students will design their own necklace through these steps:

  1. Create a mood board or Pinterest board of inspiration and color schemes.
  2. Sketch out a design and choose what colors and stones to use.
  3. Purchase/choose materials and lay them out in desired pattern.
  4. Assemble and finish necklace.

This project, following these steps, should take a student new to jewelry making about 2-3 hours, depending on the amount of time spent looking for inspiration and sketching. 

Share your project:

Share your inspiration, color schemes, and sketches with the everyone! I highly recommend creating a mood board, either by using an Adobe Photoshop document, Microsoft Word document, Pinterest board, or on paper with sketches, pictures, and glue.


  • An image/screenshot of your moodboard or inspiration
  • A sketch of your design
  • An image of your materials
  • An image

3. Class Outline:

Link to Course Outline

4. Introduction Video:


5. Final Course:



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