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Jewelry Design: Create a Stunning Bead Embroidered Brooch

Hi! I'm Julia, and I want to teach a bead embroidery class. 

Class Title: Jewelry Design: Create a Stunning Bead Embroidered Brooch

Class description: Jewelry Design: In this class, you'll go through basic techniques of bead embroidery, learn about craft supplies that are used in bead embroidery and create your own brooch using these techniques. If you ever dreamed of becoming a jewelry designer, this is your chance to try your hand at it! 


Project Title: Birdy Brooch: Create a Desing, Inspired By Your Favourite Bird

Project Description:


Your assignment is to create your own bead embroidered brooch, following step by step instructions in the video. You can combine the techniques any way you like, use one or all of them. By mixing colors, materials and techniques of bead embroidery you can create numerous designs - it is limited only by your imagination! 


Upload a photo of your brooch. 

A complete project includes:

  • a screenshot moodboard with color schemes and inspiration photos, or you can put in a link to your pinterest board, where you collected pictures related to the project
  • images of your sketches of brooch design
  • photo in progress
  • finished brooch photo


I use craft supplies from local online shop. You can find them in your local craft shops or order them on any online craft shop.

So, this is the list:

  • TOHO seed beads (11 round beads, Treasures, 15 round beads, mixes)
  • Miyuki Delica 10 seed beads, Long Matagama beads, Drops, Cubes
  • sequins (I use Italian, but French or Indian will also do)
  • dyed feathers (or you can use natural colored feathers if you like)
  • Swarovski Rivoli 14mm 
  • Czech fire polished beads 4mm and 6mm, also Czech beads of different fantasy forms - you can take any of them to make your desing shine 
  • felt - a6 size is enough for a brooch
  • leather or faux leather of the other side of the brooch
  • Nymo jewelry thread size D or O (or any nylon thread) 
  • bead needles size 12 or 15
  • metal findings- brooch clasp metal finding (its size depends on you design)
  • chains - optional
  • scissors
  • glue - any that works with leather or similar surface

While watching the video, you can deside if you will use all of these supplies or just some of them. 

Link to class outline.


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