Jeweler Details Page

I'm working on my friend's online store. She is a jewelry designer and has a new collection, for which she took a wide variety of product pictures.

Although these days we are pretty used to shop online, the feeling of holding something when you are going to purchase it is almost gone. I want to create an interactive details page for each of the jewelry pieces, in which the buyer is able to feel like if they were holding that piece of jewelry and looking at it on every single angle, mostly to take advantage of the multiple images my friend shot.

The attached wireframe illustrates an interactive image area which features the main image for a piece but also has alternative views. The thumbnails of the alternative views are not lined up to the right or bottom of the main image, but rather overlaying on top of it. 

Once you click on an alternative view that image becomes the main image and the thumbnail is replaced with the former featured image. Another functionality I'm seeking to include is a basic zoom or increase of size of the main image when clicked for better detail.

Hopefully this interaction will bring the buyer closer to the piece they are intersted and helps funnel those interested in purchasing.


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