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Carrie Pray

Freelance Jewelry Designer, Mom, Working Artist



Jewel Notecards

I really enjoyed working on this project. I have very little experience in illustrator having worked mostly in photoshop so this gave me a chance to get used to the interface while working on something fun and creative. I'm a jewelry designer so my pattern is faceted jewels. I didn't use the blob brush since the facets looked better with a more precise stroke (used the pen tool). 

I ended up changing this around significantly. Here is my process. These are my sketches:


And here is my original repeat pattern: 


These are my notecards: 



I fiddled around with the pattern at this point because I felt like the colors were too monochromatic. I recolored some of the stones so there could be a few different colors going in the pattern.



But ultimately, I think the grey and yellow cards are my favorite (not surprising - that's my favorite color combo!), so I mocked those up:


I also created and submitted a version of this pattern to for their Child's Play fabric contest:


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