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My final post is just the beginning of my visual thinking on pancreas cancer. My dad had it, and it's impossible not to become involved. Crazy, hopeless disease. How do you fight against something like that? You just do. But the first reaction to it is something I wanted to express below:

James last missive to us unleashed something very personal, and emotional. It matters. Here's what came forth:

And this:

And this:

And finally, for today, this:


James asked for some play on paper. This is the first thing I did. Ever since I started watching Burning Questions, my letter "e" hasn't been the same. Thanks to all for your comments, and encouragement, and passion!

I'm sick to freaking god at the passive aggressive cowardice that passes for leadership. Honestly, it's enough to make me want to drop anf-bomb. I'd be happy if they were just honest--most don't even have the courage to tell you something crappy to your face.

So I've decided to create a series of great huge billboards that say "NO FAUX!" Meaning "no faux courage, no more pretend, no more averting your eyes rather than make eye contact with those you lead. No more hiding!"


I took the photo for my project and the one below when I visited Israel. They're boatmen on the Sea of Galilee. They are focused, intense, and passionate about what they do. What they promise, they deliver. I'm considering using the image below as the template for my project poster. Possible type on the image:

"Crappy is not a leadership style. Learn to lead. Jet City Leader."


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