Jessie Allyn - Game Plan

Jessie Allyn - Game Plan - student project


  • Who am I? - I am Caring, I am hyperbolic to the point of silliness, I love love, I know way too much about dragons...
  • What do I have to offer? - I can offer a chronicle of my writing journey that describes the downfalls I've faced while maintaining a positive outlook. I can offer quotes from my weekly writing (whatever book it may be from). I can offer romance writing tips/advice. I can offer a ridiculous amount of dragon knowledge...
  • Merge 'em! - I plan to offer caring and compassionate romance writing tips/advice while being my silly and hyperbolic self when describing my crazy writing journey through my blog. I also plan to give completely out of context quotes from whatever I have written that week to add a little fun into the mix. 

  • Who is your target audience? - Romance and Fantasy readers
  • What service are you offering? - Romance writing advice, a chronicle of my writing journey, snip-bits of my writing style. 
  • Where are you going to post your content? - On my website and on Twitter
  • When are you going to post your content? - Every Sunday
  • How are you going to spread the word? - Word of mouth, Tweets, and mailing list.