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Jessica - sketches only

As someone who plays aroudn with calligraphy and letters without training, this was a course that interested me because of the focus on personal handwriting style. I learned a lot about what goes into the work in a professional sense, which I appreciate from afar, but more importantly for me I could see clearly that for most of the design work I see today, it doesn't just come out perfectly from someone's pen from the first get-go.

Anyway, I don't have access to a scanner or software to work with vectors, but I did the sketches and also decided to do a more "final" sketch with color (because all of the colors in the videos and projects really made the work stand out) using colored pencils. Just messing around there, but I do like the result.

If I can work with vectors later in the year, I would like to improve the lowercase letter heights to make them more even and make the lines prettier, especially in the letter J. I have something to work for :) 




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