Jessica’s Art Space

Jessica’s Art Space - student project

This is the second Skillshare class of Tom’s I’ve taken and I enjoyed it so much. It really gave me the confidence to just draw from the heart and not worry about how it looked.

So here is the finished illustration. I think I’m pretty happy with it, although perhaps I should have included a rug on the floor or something (I do have a rug there in real life, but it felt too complicated to include). All of these things exist, yes, even the heater and the power reel! I would really appreciate some critique. 

Jessica’s Art Space - image 1 - student projectAnd here are some of the sketches I did leading up to this:
Jessica’s Art Space - image 2 - student project
Jessica’s Art Space - image 3 - student projectJessica’s Art Space - image 4 - student projectJessica’s Art Space - image 5 - student projectJessica’s Art Space - image 6 - student project