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I moved to Jerusalem two years ago and want to share the beauty of my city through this project. Jerusalem is a city of ancient stone, story, mystery, and archetypal importance, assertive and unapologetic. These are all adjectives that came to mind when brainstorming for this project, in addtion to these descriptors beloved here; Jerusalem, Hills are Around Her (ירושליים הרים סביב לה)  and Jerusalem of Gold (ירושלים של זהב). I used the classic imagery of the Jerusalem skyline as my main reference point.

I wanted to use both her English and Hebrew name in the piece. The Hebrew alphabet is confident, full of history and awareness of its significance. It is read from right to left and has a long and strong calligraphic tradition, still practiced in many instances with ink and quill. I regret that I do not write Arabic as Jerusalem is a shared city. 

In creating this piece, I am also looking to explore the reaches and limits of nontraditional creative hand lettering in Hebrew, as it is rarely seen here. I am worried though that my piece veers too far into the illustrative. 

My mood board is here:


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