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Jericho Workshops

Jericho Workshops is a non-profit community based organization that identifies ways to motivate youth from grades 6th to 10th to begin cultivating their talents in music, engineering, and computer sciences by initiating workshops that enhance value to promote self-esteem, confidence, and vision in local underserved communities.

The name of the organization is based on the story of Jericho in the Bible. Essentially, through these programs that are offered to underprivileged youth, the barriers (walls) that obstruct them from success will fall down. 

My goal was to create a simple, modern looking identity that was also kid friendly. I chose a playful color palette: each color represents one of the programs that Jericho offers and can be used on the marketing materials for that program respectively. The building block element represents the upward ladder to success (or the gradual deconstruction of the wall).

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