Jeno- Sketch your life 2

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - student project

Day 29: Interesting
This is a picture of a refinished claw tub bathtub that I was trying to describe to my partner. We are brainstorming ideas for a bathroom remodel down the road.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 1 - student project

Day 27: Interior
Painting of the interior or a pine hutch. I was trying to make it gray on the outside and milk blue on the interior but no matter how I tried to mix the colors it would not come out right. I also think I need to invest in a smaller detailing brush.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 2 - student project

Day 26: Path

Day 25: Pile
Pile of books. I just learned about the artist Thiebaud and he had a painting of a pile of books that I I tried to paint my own.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 3 - student project

Day 24: Night Scene
Everything in Michigan is gray right now. So the night scenes are not as pretty as they are in the summer I found one on the internet that reminded me of a night scene back home in the VA mountains.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 4 - student project

Day 23: Spiral
I was having difficulty finding something around me that was spiral. So when I was sitting on my couch with my feet propped up on the ottoman, my dog dropped his ball on the ottoman. I thought t was him helping me out by dropping a round baseball with spiral stitching:)

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 5 - student project

Day 22: Cleaning Tool
Mop bucket

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 6 - student project

Day 21: Smooth
Picture of a bunny. Their ears are so smooth; however, if I just sketched the ear it would be hard to tell what I was painting:)

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 7 - student project

Day 20: Fragile
After a long day of work I came home and served myself a large glass of wine. The glass is one of two left from a set of six. They were from an antique barn sale in upstate NY. I received them as a housewarming gift when I first moved to NY.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 8 - student project

Day 19: Light and Shadow
These are a blue bowl ceramic of eggs from my ladies out in the backyard. It was difficult for me to get the bright white of the light off the lighter eggs.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 9 - student project

Day 18: Wide- Peafowl
Where I live there is a peacock at the local garden center. A lot of people go there just to look at the peacock. I went by today and the peacock is indoors for the winter. So, I sketched one from a picture I saw on the internet instead.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 10 - student project

Day 17: Seldom Used- Dress Form
I chose to draw a picture of the dress form I have in my home office. I use to use it all the time to make my clothes or alter clothes for friends...but now I can't seem to find the time. I keep it covered with a big trash bag and leave it by the window so it looks like a silhouette of a person and that there is someone in the room at all times.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 11 - student project

Day 16: Unclean


Day 15: Tangled- Dog Leash
I have two goldedoodles that I walk on a double leash. It never fails that the younger one tends to get tangled on something during our walk...and typically it is me tripping over her. She has more color in her fur that is red and blond, but when I tried to add it all just bled together.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 12 - student project

Day 14: Crease
This is my attempt at drawing the crease of a rose petal. I tried three more before this that ended up looking like giant red blobs because I was too impatient to wait for each layer of paint to dry.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 13 - student project

Day 13: Overused
My gardening jeans that are 10 years old. Too comfy to throw out. I will keep putting on patches until they completely give out on me. I have 2 pairs that look almost identical.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 14 - student project

Day 12: Tall
I chose to sketch mountains because mountains to me are tall and I miss seeing tall mountains. I did not sketch anything with pen or pencil, I just painted wash over wash.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 15 - student project

Day 11: Organic Shapes
I did not like trying to paint organic shapes without looking at something to sketch. I showed my partner who is an art teacher and he said "Good job! It looks like a mama and all her babies". I did play around with trying to do a wash in one shape and then dots of paints a darker shade effect.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 16 - student project

Day 10: Person in the Same Place As You

I am in my home office by myself today. So I looked around and noticed my Little People vintage toys keeping me company. I took them down and put them on the table to sketch. I used black paint for the first time for the dog at the end and noticed it will take over the rest of the page if you use too I know.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 17 - student project

Day 9: Something I have never seen before
This was hard to locate since I am in my office every day and view the same things. So I went to a colleague's desk and found this lama magnet attached to the bookshelf. It was small I am meant to sketch it larger but ended up keeping it the same size.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 18 - student project

Day 8: Cartoon
This is a picture of one of my favorite cartoon characters from Hello Kitty. It was something I have never drawn or painted before and was kind of fun.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 19 - student project

Day 7: Rest
This is a bird's eye view of one of my favorite relaxing things to do- canoe down a still river. The water should actually be black and shimmery and the canoe has more sheen to it; however, I do not know how to do that effect with watercolors:).

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 20 - student project

Day 6: Spices
A picture of my most used spice. I had it sitting on the counter this morning and decided to sketch only that one instead of the whole spice cabinet (too hard for me).

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 21 - student project

Day 5: People waiting
This is actually a picture of my partner at the table doing paperwork. I am the one waiting on him so I thought I would just paint him instead of me. I think his head is too small.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 22 - student project

Day 4: Edible
I don't like to eat these, but I love to grow them!!

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 23 - student project

Day 3: Playful
This is a picture of a beige/white/pinkish cow in winter on the farm. Cows are some of the most playful animals that greet me in the morning. They have great personalities. I have trouble capturing the white areas of the cow because the other colors tend to blend.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 24 - student project

Day 2: Temporary
Cactus in a white pot on the table that I can't keep alive.

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 25 - student project

Day 1- Colorful
Viceroy Butterfly (Limenitis archippus)

Jeno- Sketch your life 2 - image 26 - student project