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I have been writing my name on the fronts of journals, on the sides of my school notes and on every scrap piece of paper I could get my hands on since I could hold a pencil. But I never guessed how difficult this project would be. How do you add flourishes to a capital J? 

So far, here's what I got:


The top left is how I normally write my name. I experimented with all kinds of j's, and I think I decided that I liked the looped top, because it makes it look less like a "g."


And I kept playing, and thought I had decided on one. But then decided I wanted to try some more.


And, I think I settled on one of the two below. I've never been one for over the top flourishes in my design, so I kind of like the idea of keeping it simple:


You can kind of see on the bottom right where I added some shading. Does anyone have any preferences? All suggestions and feedback welcome!


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