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Kristin Matte

Graphic Designer



Jenny Lewis: The Voyager


What an adventure! Thanks to Jesse's Illustrator help I was able to get this done. It's pretty rough, but I still like it. I'm not an illustrator so the whole experience was a lesson in reminding myself to work by hand more. I like the rough look. It's the type of art I'm attracted to. 

Inspired by Jenny Lewis, specifically her latest album The Voyager. 

Here is the original sketch:

Here are the color seperations:

I worked in CMYK, and have the pantone colors, but depending on the capabilities and paints available, I might have the yellow go a little neon. 

Y: 45% or Pantone Yellow 0131 U

C: 35%
M: 10%
Y: 5%

or Pantone 545 U


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