Jenni's influence map

Jenni's influence map - student project

This was a fun project to do!

It was interesting to see what influences have formed my style to draw, paint and design. I wouldn't figure out to do this myself, so thanks!

I spend my childhood in 80's Finland. I loved picture books and cartoons (especially Japanese) – I was sucker for any animal and fantasy based stories. They were fuel for my imagination and I started to draw and paint early age. Also my grandpa had a huge influence over me, I spent lots of time in his art studio.

My mum was studying Russian when I was lil' kid. So naturally she read to me lots of Russian children books. I remember few of them – colorful and filled with folklore. Barmalei (No 1) is one of those books and I still have it.

I hope you enjoy my map!

Jenni's influence map - image 1 - student project

Jenni Ahonen
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