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Jennifer Minarcik - Biomedical Communication Logo

What's going on everyone?

First of all, thank you for taking the time to check out my project.  I'm currently working on helping my cousin brand herself in her field of work.  She asked me to do this right after I completed this class, so I was super pumped to get started on this.  I had every intention of taking progress shots and posting them weeks ago when I sent her the first few roughs (the first & second image below).  As I got further along into the process I knew I had to focus on the design and not about trying to win the contest Matt held, even though I had to post eventually because of Matt's comment on my Instagram.  

Below are three different sets of logos.  The first two images are the first set of roguhs that I sent out.  My cousin ended up liking the very frist design the best because of the relationship between the J and M, and she liked her whole name written out.  I HATED the way I ended the R in Jennifer and I have never been good and drawing/vectoring K's.  My favorite was actually the top design on the second image below, but I was glad I got to revisit the first design so I could work more on ending the R and designing the K.

The third image has the revisions I am waiting to hear back about.  There is a difference in the F in Jennifer and the R's in both her first and last name.  I also was finally happy with the design of the K; it also gave me a chance to run the stroke under her name.

Once I have a final design done I'll post that as well!

Thanks everyone!

Ian MacGregor
instagram:  ian__stagram (2 underscores)





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