Jennie Maizels and her Pencils

My friend Jennie has a lot of pencils...

Jennie Maizels is an illustrator, author and designer. I have been lucky enough to get to know Jennie after writing about her work and I'm honoured to call her a friend.

I chose Jennie as my muse because her devotion to creativity inspires me. I am in awe of her vision, drive and the way she puts those pencils to paper.

She has a huge body of work including books, Clothes Plasters and notebooks. You can see more on her site here: http://www.jenniemaizels.com/

Motif: I think my words for this film are energy, pencils and body of work.

Update: I went over to Jennie's studio to film with her. I was so much fun thinking about how I would bring it together.

I used some soft boxes to counteract the bright sunshine from outside but upped my exposure compensation a bit much and now have some very bright shots!

My memory card ran out before I could get more of my wide and long shots so at the moment I have lots of mid-shots, cut-ins and cut aways but not much of the big stuff! Not sure if I'll be able to go back and add more so at the moment I'm planning to work with what I've got.

I did a segment of interview with a view to making a second cut which is more traditional 'author interview'.

Jennie spoke a lot about how she became an illustrator, her childhood and her late working partner, Kate Petty.

As well as film I took a few stills to do a mini stop-motion (I love stop motion so much).

Here are pictures of Jennie being filmed and Jennie and I together.

Not project related but I released this stop motion book trailer this week: https://vimeo.com/62087619

26th March: I finally got in a stretch of editing time! Here is my finished protrait: https://vimeo.com/62742499

A few areas I'd want to improve on, add in or re-shoot but on the whole happy with how it turned out.

Thank you Kat for this class, it has made me take a leap in a new direction and I love it. K x x x

Update - haveing slept on it I woke with the desperate urge to tweak a couple of bits so final version will be up in a while!

Final cut: https://vimeo.com/62773738 
minor tweak on the stop motion pencils appearing (so it looked a little less like a zombie hand) and added my end credits. Thanks for all the feedback so far, this is such a nice class to work in! K x


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