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Jenn - Unit 1

I started out this project by taking pictures of signage and typography around my town. It was a very fun day and my family had a lot of fun helping me out. It was such a joy to see them get excited about typography. I am the "creative" one out of my family (the rest are nurses and doctors and secretaries.. oh my!) and we really bonded over the "font hunt." It started out with questions like "What is typography- like... maps?" and "Why did you take a picture of that?" to "Jenn, get that one!" and "I bet you like this one!"  Not only did they really get into it, they kind of keyed into what I was drawn to and could (usually) tell which sign I would want to take a photo of. Even if they couldn't articulate why, in just an afternoon they could start seeing the differences between different typefaces, pick out details, and identify styles. I was amazed and I think they were, too. My one sister even said "Great. Now I'm going to be looking at fonts all the time." Win!

We took a ton of photos, but I narrowed them down so you don't have to scroll forever. :P

I love, love, love this building. The business is still open, too! 

This logo (for me) has always been barely legible, but iconic. In the setting sun, I couldn't get over how abstract it became with deep shadows. I'm drawn to the colors of this photo as well. The white building, black lettering, slate grey facade, and bluish grey shadows all look gorgeous together.

I think this is an excellent example of a typeface combo that just DOES NOT WORK. Talk about confused. I am bummed to see a local business close, but I really hope they take those letters with them. All of them. Is that harsh?

After this little exercise, I think it's safe to say I am pretty nostalgic and drawn to hand painted signage...


For the assignment I stuck to one site (FontSquirrel) to make it easier. Since I do a lot of web design, FontSquirrel was an easy choice because they make finding and using webfonts super duper easy.

I think "futuristic" was the toughest one for me. I stereotyped it in my head to starwars-y, matrix-y, back to the future-y types of typefaces. As I looked at them I was like "Yeah, I think "future" when I see that" but I realized that it's the future through an 80's-90's lens. What is the future from present day? If a tech company used fonts like that, I would assume them to be outdated. Maybe they sell Apple products, but it would be Mackintosh- not Mac. That said, I still wound up settling on something in that vein, but I picked a cleaned up and more modern version.

I probably spent wayyy too long on this assignment (any time I go lookin for fonts half a day disappears) but I really enjoyed it!



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