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Jendela Mandala

well, I just took this class a few days back, and still have a lot of things to learn.. I just finished the Sketch Tutorial and I did come up with a rough design of my mandala, I am Gonna make sure that I will finish this design... after I've done with my other tutorial.. hehehehe... kind a busy with classes (I am a college lecturer) as I am preparing my students for their final...

I kind a cheated a bit... I have been working with Illustrator for 4 years now... and Photoshop is kind a new to me.. so, I ended up doing my sketch in illustrator (Sorry Chris hehehe) but anyway.. I am so gonna do the colouring and shading in photoshop, as that is the reason why I took this class in the first place, I am gonna update my progress here... and hoping to get a building criticism and feedback from fellow classmates, teacher and maybe other viewer

April 8 2014 12.22am (Malaysia)


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