Jellyfish in different styles

Jellyfish in different styles - student project

Jellyfish in different styles - image 1 - student project

Jellyfish in different styles - image 2 - student project


Experiment, experiment and more experiment. I'm analyzing and copying art that I love and that indeed helps to realize what makes us attracted to that work. I'm definitely in the group that wants to have different styles, just thinking about limiting what I want to express to a certain style or medium feels suffocating. I love to have the freedom to choose the style that best represents what I want to express with it. For this exercise I used pencil, pen, watercolor pans, watercolor pencils (for the light blue jelly in the middle and the tiny ones on the right border) and gouache for the red jellies.

Something that I learned about myself, is that I really liked controlled (?) painting, no splatters or loose strokes, because all of my styles had that in common. It was interesting to notice that. I really liked painting the same subject in different ways and now my creative juices are flowing with ideas. Thank you Jasmina!

Alicia Miss Honeybug
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