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Tania Shaw

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Jellicoe Road Drop Cap Project

Day 1 - 1/28/14

I've chosen my book - Jellicoe Road, by Marlina Marchetta. When I first was given this book to read a year or so ago, I was a bit sceptical because of it's genre, Young Adult Fiction and I was completely worn out by the modern gothic stories coming out of the YA world. But this book was NOTHING like that. I loved every second of this book and quickly had to move on to all the other books Ms. Marchetta had written.

So, since I'd love to read this book again, it's a fairly short read, and I'm rather familiar with it already, I think I'll give this a try.

The book has great themes: love, death, exploration, trust, coming of age, with just a bit of mysteriousness, all woven together with two stories converging into one. I think all of those things will lend to the creative process.

Can hardly wait to get started!


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