Jeff's Mayan art

Jeff's Mayan art - student project

I recently opened my Etsy shop called JeffsMayanArt. I create art from mesoamerican. I started making art almost a year ago. I wanted to create Mayan art for self-care. My family is from Guatemala and we have indigenous roots there, most likely one of the many Mayan groups in Guatemala. 

I started by making a macuahuitl (a Mesoamerican sword) as a symbol of being resilient. I was going through a tough time, and the macuahuitl seemed like a good symbol of the willpower I felt I needed in my life. 

Then I started making different art. As I made more art, my wife and other friends told me that it was good enough to sell. Eventually, people told me enough that I believed them and decided to sell the art of my ancestors.