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Jeff Madsen

Silent Warrior of Design



Jeff Madsen Seal / Patch / Sticker

The Great Mr. Draplin is one of my favorite dudes that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. He inspires me to be a better designer and fight the good fight! This is my first completed skillshare class that I've decided to share. I wanted to create a generalized property sticker/seal that would be a fun exploration of the class and tie in some of my Utah roots.

Here is a page of sketches to get out some of my ideas and get some rough forms going.


Being from the Beehive State... You gotta incorporate some bees right?


SAGE advice from Mr. Draplin here. Cleaning up your logos and making them bulletproof is definitely a must. I’ve found that cleaning up your vectors can be daunting and even tricky sometimes, but very important!


Enjoy! I had a ton of fun on this guy!



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