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Jeez Louise

Jeez Louise!

"Jeez Louise" has been part of my vocabulary for quite some time now. I'm pretty sure it started as a joke, just as something silly to say when I'm surprised. Now I've gotten so used to the phrase I forget that's its somewhat unusual and many people have commented or laughed out loud after I've blurted it out.

At this point I like that it's normal to me and funny to strangers so I want to make it into a poster.  I'm imagining the finished project hanging on someone's wall (probably mine) and in some sort of stressful, surprising, overwhelming, running-late type of situation I'd look up, see it, and be able to laugh at myself or put my problems into the context of "Jeez Louise, look how silly all this really is"

My Brainstorming word lists:

Mood Board:

I'm looking at a lot of Keith Haring - especailly vibrant patterns that portray energy, movement and cheerfullness. I'm also liking letters that seem to fit together like puzzle pieces. This is what I'm seeing so far.


The beginnings of the sketching stage:

I'm liking the sans serif - especially the one in the top left corner. My next task is to work on a border / background for the letters. More to come!


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