Jeez I love this look

Hi Elizabeth,

I've been trying to get this look for a long time but with no successful. With your receipt I finally got it!

I posted both the picture (straight outta camera and the processed one).

I used this settings:

- Lens compensation (Canon 24mm f/2.8 STM)

- I removed the cromatic aberration (there wasn't a lot)

- With the curves I soften the black and the whites, and then gave a little S shape to the curve

- I sligthly desaturated the pic and also take down the hue a little.

- slider of shadows up, black up, highlights slightly down, whites down

- slider contrast up

- Split tones: shadows with a blueish tone, saturation 17; lights with a green yellowish tone, saturation 12

The result could look a little too yellowish in the lights but I liked the vintage late 70s look as it was shoot with an old camera and an even older film inside.

It makes me look like a frame of a story and not a still picture. That's what I wanted to achieve and I'm happy. ;)



Thank you very much for your course which has been short but rally effective.



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