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Jeep Feeling Shoe


So i normally paint with watercolor..never been sucessful at this. I thought I would try this class and see what I can real do when I learn the right way instead of my teach yourself on your own method of failure.

I usually dont use the tube watercolor so that was a new learning thing. I have to say I love it. I had a lot of fun and was very relaxing making this. I didnt stress on staying in the square boxes I made cause its just practice. I also didnt want to frustrate myself in the begining. I had a few troubles with one color..purple will be the death of me. It has to be simple and Im overthinking it. I am going to keep trying later. I dont waste paper as Im in a strict budget. I also took a picture in lue of scanning as my scanner is in the other room. 

Overall thoughts: This project was really fun to do and I learned alot about color blending. I also learned that tube watercolor is way better for me then the cake kind I was using. I also learned to not use as much water I have in the past. 


I have finished this project and I have to say that the end result is way better then my original idea of what watercolors are. I have more control over on my water to color..its not perfect but watercolors arent either. I am in love with this medium. 


For my shoe that directions where to draw your favorite shoe, which for me isnt a high heel or anything glamorous. I look forward to fall chilli weather so that I can wear them again. This shoe is my favorite boot I have ever had. It has thich tire like on the bottom and this ugly army green canvas that I love. I wear them all fall and winter long. I call them my little Jeep Stomper cause they remind me of a jeep that I will have one day but till then I have jeep shoes. Can you tell im more of a tomboy then a girly girly lol.


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