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Jeen's Tea | Branding

I was already working on the packaging and design for a tea project for awhile, which the client didn't need after all- but since I need more projects building up my portfolio, I added some fictional elements to already present product identity. Since the product did not have a strong identity/brand, I wanted to create a new set of branding/identity for Jeen's Tea.

Here is what I came up with so far for Part I. [ 9/28/2014 ]


Jeen's Tea is a company based in LA branched off from S. Korea's tea brand. They are known for a long history of owning a large rice farm that started producing their own rice paper and handmade teas. They use rice paper in all of their products and provide tea that promotes oriental culture, nature and it is mostly geared towards mid 20~40s, working women and men.

To create the brand that shows Jeen's Tea's uniqueness.

Target Audience:
All over the U.S., working men and women who love modern twist of tea from Asian Culture. More towards the higher end of people who prefer quality and history for their tea.

Jeen's Tea represents S. Korea's rich culture and history with a modern twist of today's tea industry. The richness and its uniqueness can be shown through the handcrafted teas and rice paper that's manually collected. It's a fusion of S. Korea's rice farm to America's young professional's restful tea time. 

Modern Oriental teas, other types of teas from asian background brand, high end of teas in U.S.

Distinguishing Characteristics:
Rice paper background to tie to the nature and its roots (the brand's roots) 
Designs that link back to its history and the story behind the brand.

Creative Considerations:
Must use rice paper as background
Simple design, neutral for nature and bold colors for modern twist and relatable audience: tan, green, cream, black, brown paper bags, bold colors such as primary yellow, red, etc in product design.

Natural & Eco-friendly, Clean & Modern, Upscale







With the logo, I wanted to make sure the history or image of rice farm was implemented to set Jeen's Tea apart from other teas. Logo A is solely inspired with rice farm background with big J infront, which kind of has clean, sophisticated feel to it. Logo B is another take with the rice plant and plain text with it.

Currently stuck between these two logos.. anyone have good input/feedback on how to improve one or which one is a better fit? 



FINAL LOGO | 1.8.2015

Finally came down to a logo and will be sticking to this one! 




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