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Jedi Knight drinking a tea

It will be a female jedi knight based  on character of my guildie on swtor mmo game. In white blue armor and with a jedi robe. She is resting after the fight and sips her  tea from the the cup. On it is writen "I love Force" :D

Chose free poses as more interesting ones. Like one where she levitates cup with the force :D Need fix legs anathomy of the third one.

Worked with hair variations.She is as sith pureblood species, has bone tendrils on her face.

Rest of the figure without detailed hair yet. Will go with second hair variation.

Added lineart, and some textures but still need polish armor textures and lighing. Player wanted her character have similar as in game looking lightsaber just with a blue crystal. Also she requested have a name tag on her chest saying "Nebulae" :D

Time to start colouring;]


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