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Jeau& Brand Identity

My name is Jo and I'm from the Netherlands. I'm an educated and self-taught designer and illustrator. I'm starting my business in design, illustration and calligraphy. Looking through the students projects I'm really impressed! I hope I can manage to create my brand identity too. Right now I'm still working on my logo, so I hope you don't mind me posting that too here.

November 5:

I enrolled in this class today! Exciting!!

So I've done some calligraphy sketches to come up with my logo. They're all quite different and I'm having a hard time choosing. I think I might best just pause for a moment and work on my moodboard and briefing first. Nonetheless I'd like to share it with you and see what you think.

November 6:

Creative Brief             

Jeau& is a design business, focussed on (custom made) stationary, illustration, calligraphy, graphic design and handmade decorations. Jeau& wants to create a brand identity that reflects her personality and her design style.

To create a brand identity for Jeau& that reflects Jo’s personality and (design) style.

Target Audience
Educated men and women (singles and couples) between 25 and 45. Mainly based in the Netherlands, but also internationally. They appreciate handcrafts and small business and rather pay more for custom designed pieces that meet their needs and personal events than get a generic design at a low cost.

Jeau& works with you to custom design pieces that refect your personality and wishes. Jeau& brings your ideas to life in her unique style.

Other Dutch bespoke suite designers, illustrators, calligraphers.

Distinguishing Caracteristics

  • Uses hand-techniques and ‘real’ materials;
  • Creates designs for personal use and business;
  • Creates bespoke suites for several occasions;
  • From one single item to full event design, including decorations;
  • Internationally focussed.

Creative Considerations

  • Muted colors, neutrals, whites, greys and black;
  • Light basics (whites, neutrals), colors are there to spark things up.
  • Calligraphy logo;
  • Try logo in color, naturals and black and white;
  • Try logo with images, watercolor and just calligraphy;
  • Not too girly and goody goody.


  • Organic
  • Homy
  • Light
  • Friendly
  • Grown up
  • A little dreamy from time to time

November 11:


What do you think of my moodboard? The colors at the bottom are more or less randomly picked. What do you think about that? Do you miss any colors that would make the scheme more complete? I'd love to get feedback from you!

December 1:

I've been playing a bit with the colorscheme. Tried to add some warmer tones to it, since my briefing said 'warm'. I've come to the conclusion however, that warm may not be the right word for what I'm going for. I like the cooler, muted tones better and so I changed 'warm' into 'homy'. There are some obvious and some less obvious differences. What do you think? Which colors, you think, complement my moodboard the best?

December 2:

Here are some new logo sketches. The tracing of the calligraphy isn't all that yet. I signed up for another skillshare class for that. ;-) It will start in january, so for now this'll have to do. (I see now that the colors turn out very different from what i intend. In my illustrator file the colors are like the ones in the moodboard.) The colored circles are there to experiment with color and image. I'm not actually going to use them, but was just trying whether or not to add something behind the calligraphy.

December 5:

Color palette:

And my calligraphy with watercolor logo (digitalized calligraphy is still not perfect yet, but I'll get to that in my next skillshare class):

December 9:

I am struggling a bit with my fonts. Sans for heading, slab for text blocks. I like the look of this, but I feel that it might be a bit of a too obvious choice to pick a slab and sans from one type. What do you think?

December 12:

Been playing with some patterns, using one of my illustrations. What do you think? The overall look is quite a lot lighter than the moodboard, which has more color in it. I am drawn to the light and neutral tone of this though. What do you think? Should I add some more colors from my palette? I want a light look, not too heavy. I am thinking now that I probably should have added some more white in my moodboard.

December 16:

I made an alternative moodboard with my logo and illustration as reference.


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