Jeannie Chan

Brand Manager / Strategy Consultant



Jeannie's story ideas

here are 2-3 ideas I'm playing with.  These are not necessary story beginnings, but it gives a sense of the entire story without giving away all the punch lines.  

1)  A bad date - I don't know if I belong to the 21st century.  Back in the days, my culture had arranged marriages.  While that institution does sound somewhat outdated, I do somewhat like the idea of an instant husband.  It'd save me the trouble of trying to find one myself, online.  I should have never agreed to this date.  But I was trying to be open-minded and not judge too quickly.  But honestly, I judged him the moment I saw him, in clothes more suitable for a homeless person than for a bachelor on a first date.  The date continued to progress from bad to worse.  Then, there was the text that was sent after the date... 

2)  Development discussions with manager - The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat.  I should quit being a rat.  But on the other hand, I do like the paychecks they hand out to rats.  After all, I do live in NYC after all, and money flows as freely as wine in this city.  So, instead, I have series of development discussion with my manager to discuss how I can address the "opportunities for improvement"...

3) A mice in apartment - I have cats.  I shouldn't have mices in my apartment (or at least I read somewhere that mices have learned to avoid cats.)  So, when I saw a little critter crawl across my feet, I jumped!  As I stood on my couch, I grab my cell phone nearby.  I speed-dialed my boyfriend / friend with benefit / neighbor.  "I have a rat!  You need to come!"  I screamed into the phone the moment the call went through.  "Huh?" He asked, failing to decipher my shrieking.  Eventually, he came over and a battle against the rat ensured.  After some efforts, he and my cats successfully captured the intruder.  "I don't think that's a mice." he said...


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