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Je Suis Une Pomme

Je Suis Une Pomme - I am an apple

So I'm learning French. When I first started, I was practicing with an app on my phone that utilized reading, writing, and listening to teach pronunciation and proper grammatical composition. I found that I was talking to myself while I was at home - my number one phrase? "Je suis une pomme". Mostly because I like the way "pomme" feels when I'm speaking, and "je suis une" is easy enough to say.

And also, hey, I like apples.

I decided to create a package for a hair product called Je Suis Une Pomme  - red hair dye for the modern sassy lady. The idea came from a friend of mine, who I have pictured below (the second from the bottom). I'm drawing inspiration from 1950s advertising, kitsch, and even a little rockabilly. 

EDIT 10/17

Warm up Part I. This was tons of fun, and epecially helpful since my design will include a combination of multiple styles. I especially like the "Curve" rendering - it's so juicy!! 

But I would love to hear your opinions. And please, don't be afraid to hurt my feelings! What you like, what you don't like, a possibility I may have missed that I might like to expand on. I'm open!

EDIT 10/18

After Sandy's (spot-on) critique, I went back and looked at more kitschy inspiration, as I was leaning toward more turn-of-the-century lettering. Then I did more drawing. I've come to the conclusion that the mood of this will be largely dependent on the right combination of styles and the colors I choose (eventually, my goal is to scan this in and really bring it to life).


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