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Jbmbeatz Young Guru DIY Audio Mixing (Superstition), (Let's Build) #YoungGuruContest

Hello Everyone,

This Class rocks!! I went through the class a tad bit slow just so I wouldn't miss any information that was provided. I haven't really spent much of my time mixing songs or beats so this course will help me build a solid foundation when I'm in the studio.  

Organizing a Mix:

I labeled and organized my session. I didn't cut out too much of the mic bleeding because I liked the old Motown sounding elements in this song. 

Determining Levels and Panning:

Determining my levels will most likely be my friction points since I like my music loud. As for the Panning, I just went with Guru's instruction for this song.  

Adding Effects:

Adding Effects section was the meat of this course for me. I picked up on mulitple tips to help me focus more on mixing. The kick through a Sine wave tip opened my eyes to understand how some of my favorite producers layer drum break kicks with sine waves. Big ups for that Guru!! I didn't have access to the test oscillator tone in my DAW so I improvised. 

Mix Balance tonal:

Another nugget for me was that I have never used this method before in my mixes or beats. I feel more confident in mixing now that I have a better understanding of DIY mixing prior to arriving to a professional studio and working with audio engineers. 

Here's my Superstition mix:

Young Guru Contest Update

JbmBeatz Song for Submission:

Signif ft Aldrick- Let's Build

Produced by JBmBeatz

Song written and performed by Signif

Additional Vocals by Aldrick 

Bass performed by Demitri of Artemis Audio

Scratches performed by DJ Ronski

Genre : HipHop


When you listen to Signif you hear a young woman that is articulate, clever, confident, and creative. She is NOT a trend. She is NOT a fad. Plain and simple, Signif IS Hip-Hop and she IS the future of the art-form that so desperately needs more people who are dedicated to rising above a status quo that unfortunately champions cultural regression instead of the power of enlightenment.

Let's Build features a talented male vocalist from Paris by the name of Aldrick. Let's build was originally recorded for Signif's Embracing Rejection album released in 2011, however early this year Aldrick recorded his soulful vocals to compliment Signif's lyrics and vibe.

The Beat:

This beat was made on my Akai MPC 4000 which I sold this earlier this year. I just knew I had the Pro Tools session on my hard drive when I made to decision to use this song, however it wasn't nowhere to be found.  The vocal tracks were in my email in box waiting on me to make the call. So I put the Akai MPC Renaissance to the test by loading the MPC4000 files into it to rebuild the beat for my mix. I must say the Renaissance saved me with few adjustments here and there I was on my way exporting stems for my ProTools mix. 

With the mix session I used the skill sets that I learned from this class. Organizing the Mix, Determining the Levels, Adding effects, and Tonal Balance

I wasn't satisfied with the song in it's original state. I felt that I could enhanced the song so much more. I wanted the song to have a uplifting and encouraging vibe. So I called upon Demitri to drop a live record bass line to groove with the Piano chords. On the Chorus I felt I needed to drop in a vocal sample give the song a vintage hip hop anthem vibe. On the Verses I used a filter on the Piano to change things up and to free up space for Sig's vocals. Once all that was complete I wanted some ill scratches to close out the song I knew Dj Ronski would do the song justice with his talents to seal the deal.

Signif featuring Aldrick- Let's Build unmixed:

Signif featuring Aldrick, Dj Ronski -Let's Build Final Mixed version:





Dj Ronski:







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