Jazz shot by Nathan Quinton Sebakijje (www.nqsphoto.com)

I have been a huge fan of Van's work for a while now and always appreciate insight into his creative process. This class, along with his other one, has really helped me a lot with my own photographic workflow. For starters, I think I was spending way to much time post-processing images. Better to spend more time behind the camera than the computer. Focus on composition and emotion and worry a little less about the technical stuff (especially in the beginning).

On another note, I have done larger scale shoots in the past with way too many people on set and never truly enjoyed the journey or destination/outcome of those shoots. My best work has always come out of the more intimate shoots with just a model and myself putting our heads together to craft something truly dope. I appreciate Van pointing this out in the class and fully agree that less is more with location model photography. In addition, better to have a smaller footprint when shooting on location because you definitely attract less attention and minimize distractions.

After watching Van's course last night, I headed out to the Old Los Angeles Zoo this morning with a model I have shot with before named Jazz. It is always great to work with a model who is hardworking and fun to be with on set. Jazz, like myself, loves to experiment and take chances on shoots. It is great when both model and photographer share a sense of adventure when out on location. Stay present, slow your roll, and follow your instincts. Let things happen, don't force them. If a pose, or location, or angle isn't working, don't get caught up. Keep it moving.

My goal was to pick a handful of winners from the shoot today and spend no more than 3 minutes editing a photo. I used Lightroom for quick global edits, Photoshop for some fine-tuned (i.e. blemishes) edits and Nik Software plug-ins to get the feel I was trying to convey. Pretty painless and quick.

Shouts to Van for the ideas and tips. Hope ya'll enjoy!

peace & blessings,

Nate D-O-double-G
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