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JazChat Private Sharing App

When working on projects at our company, the team is using email to share deliverables and ask for feedback.

I want to build a simple messaging app that allow project teams to share feedback and deliverables via a private group.  

This will cut down on email overload and ensure that all relevant team members are aware of all the feedback and deliverables without worrying that they forgot to 'cc to right person on that endless email thread.

They should be able to login to an app on their iPhone and see all their project-related stuff right there.

JazChat Private Sharing solves this problem.

It is a simple messaging app that lets people within a private group post and reply to a wall.  

- members should be able to register / login

- scroll the wall

- post 

- reply

- (if I have the time, I would like to add the ability to upload images/photos too)

UPDATE:  May 1, 2013.

I have the login screen coded and have AFNetworking working to communicate with my web server to verify correct login.  

Login screen

Successful login

Unsuccessful login


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