David Gallo

Designer/Poster Artist @ Weapons of Mass Design



Jaymay & Kayoko at The Vera Project. April 12th...

Excited to learn from poster artists I admire. As a poster artist in Seattle, I work predominately for The Vera Project, so my poster will most likely be for a show at Vera.

Just chose the show I'm working on. Will begin research and post more later. Her website is:


She is playing a show with Kayoko as support.

After listening to the music, I'd like to do something soft and textural with illustration and color overlays. some of my inspirations:

And then a recent poster I did in kind of a smiliar style that I'd like to use. Illustrating with a brush pen and using color overlays and texture as well:

I have some sketches as well, but mostly type. Will try and get those up tonight along with more concepting of images.

Update: 2/21/13

Started thumbnails and type ideas:

I like the idea of a series of colorful umbrellas from the top and an indication of rain since it's an April show in Seattle. Which, with my luck it will be a sunny day in Seattle cause they happen all the time we just don't let folks know about them. I also like the idea of a soft cloud image with rain some how interacting with the typography. I have a little down time at work today so I might actually get to post some refined comps later today.


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