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Marquis Mosley

Jawn Clothing Designer



Jawn Clothing

Brand Name  Jawn Clothing Co. (@JawnClothing)

Creator  Marquis Mosley (@marqmoz)

Location  [ Philadelphia PA ]

Slogans  [ Everything + Nothing :: Just Another Word Needed ]


Jawn is Philly... It embodies the attitude & authenticity of Philadelphia.

When I started this brand I wanted to create something that represented my city.  Something that would mean Philly anywhere in the world, without being too cliche like the liberty bell or the rocky statue.  Jawn is Everything & Nothing. Or as we have coined the acronym "Just-Another-Word-Needed. 

Eavesdropping on a conversation in Philadelphia, you could here the word "Jawn" dropped 5+ times in a sentence.  "You should've came to the Jawn lastnight. That Jawn was Poppin! Bad Jawns everywhere.  I got this light skinned jawn's number.  I'm supposed to meet up with jawn tonight, down at the south street jawn...... Yo, but why was the jawn fighting the jawn outside the jawn's crib? That jawn was crazy! How did you miss that jawn!"

Style Guide & Logo Desigs

Classic Collection

The Classic Collection consists of our intro line.  Our aim is to really keep things clean, minimal, a"nd timeless.  I really want this collection to be something that we can continue to sell for years.  Our "Staple" shirt, basically the foundation upon which everything else derives.  The inside tags read "Wash this jawn in cold water, tumble dry this jawn on low, follow @JawnClothing on Facebook Twitter & instagram"

Throwback series ( Possible Slogan: Just Another Win Needed)

The concept behind the throwback series was to really capture the attention of our passionate fanbase.  Philadelphia fans are something of legend (ask Santa Claus) and we wanted to really tap into that passion and work around the athletic theme with these throwback-jawns. Are ultimate aim is to create a brand that could spread across the states, but our initial focus right now is to people from our city.

While researching this collection i ran into the quote  "Youth is wasted on the young". The Bad Jawn collection is based around that overall theme, hot young chicks doing 'bad' things. The photo selection would be very similar to Van Styles or Terry Richardson.

 Just Having fun with this extra credit Lambo Jawn.  In reality though I've often considered having a ice-cream truck style pop-up shop, that sells tees and accessories during the summer.

Celebrity Mock Ups

Check us out at Jawnclothing.com or @jawnclothing on twitter & instagram & facebook.com/jawnclothing


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