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Jaula Macia

Ok, now here is my mood board.

I often use the expression "Jaula Macia" (literally Soft Cage) to refer to lazyness. As Lazyness is one of my favorite sin (and my worst in life) I think it can be a good set of words to start a project.

This kind of "fat belly but skinny arms/legs" body has this lazy feel that I look for but I think it will be hard to use this contrast if my toy gets towards a more cartoony spirit.

So I like this kind of apropriation for the "statue" imagery, and i like to imagine something under this solid aspect of the stone skin. Like a hard candy with a soft center, I want to work around this idea of "cold outer self / hot inner self" in image.

As you can see, it is not something new, but still it is something that I like.

UPDATE 18/11/13

Two more images for the mood board. I'll draw today. I had two or three ideas.

Hope to get running along.


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