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Jasper Family Crest

This was my first project on skill share. I have a mixed family where not one of the four humans in the family have the same last name. So my copilot and I have used the acronym of Jasper in the past to acronimize our first names into a family name. Then we added letters for our two dogs, making Jasper! With input from my five year old, I picked symbols to represent all of the humans by their favorite things. Hers is cats, mine is trees, my 12 year old likes ponies, and my partner is an amazing drawer. 



The colors in the cover look pretty off, so I am hoping if I post it again in here it will look for consistent with that I created. This was a fun project for me. I played with many of the tools that Aaron suggested that I had not tried before. I found myself relying on my other skills to do many tasks, which took longer. I would like to watch the videos again to learn more design shortcuts. I am very comfortable with photoshop, but I made this entire image in illustrator and was quite pleased with the results. 


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