Jar - student project

I decided to tell a true story. Well, sort of true.

When I lived in Chicago, and neither my roommate nor I could open a jar, I'd go out into the street and ask people to help me open it. Everyone was actually really nice about it, but for this project, I wanted to tell a story where people weren't so nice.

I liked the idea of using triangluar leg shapes and dark values to represent those walking by. I also liked how it woud evoke black suit pants -- it's the idea of the city worker; uniform black suits going to work, coming from work, not changing their routine.

Another part of the lesson I wanted to incorporate was the diagonal line. I like that it pulls your eye to the 'beggar' and as well, makes the scene intense. I find it humorous to bring such drama to opening a jar.

Any critiques are greatly appreciated :)

Below are some in progress shots and final piece:


Jar - image 1 - student project

digital final thumbnail:

Jar - image 2 - student project

in progress:

Jar - image 3 - student project


Jar - image 4 - student project

Any critiques are greatly appreciated, Thanks! :)

Melissa Sisk

Biomedical Animator + Illustrator