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JapaneseGirlfriend. First Impression

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JapaneseGirlfriend. [JG] is a sociable clothing & design company. JG reflects the lifestyle of those who value the independence and time to experience, at will, in style. JG offers uniquely designed streetwear and accessories.

The desire to print on graphic tees grew out of one of our hometowns, Los Angeles, and matured between stays in other cities, which include Tokyo and New York among others.

Unlike many brands, JapaneseGirlfriend.’s development takes root, not from a stationary presence, but from being on the move.

JG’s approach to design can be described as “elegantly simple”. Our attention to detail and neat composition are the backbone of our design process. This is complimented by our penchant for wit and Asian culture.

The values of JapaneseGirlfriend. are inspired by people we call “trek-setters”; those who relish discovery and new experiences. We sum these values into 3 distinct categories

We want to focus our message towards consumers who follow these brands. We didn’t choose these brands necessarily as direct competitors but more because of the psychology of their following and aesthetic.


Primarily, we focus on single males, 18-28 yrs old, currently-recently college enrolled and/or entrepreneurial of either ethnicity, which are household independent near city limits with an income of $35K+


We tend to place a lot more emphasis on those engaged in ambitious pursuits of prosperity, fun and freedom. These individuals have a sense of wanderlust and appreciation for new and different experiences. They are at least somewhat tech savvy, share an affinity for quality music and look to be more culturally aware. 


We look to sell pieces from our online shop and with select streetwear boutiques that are known for supporting new brands. They must have a similarly clean aesthetic as we and great exhibit customer service. This is a slowly built approach but is favorable to building long-lasting relationships. We may consider other online shops but at first, we want a considerable amount of consumers in key parts of the country to get up close and personal.

JapaneseGirlfriend. lifestyle photos are often active, reflecting our core values. Photos should be clean, have sharp contrast, and models should look more candid than not. The photos should also showcase international appeal, as JG has specifically used models coming from various countries which include, Japan, South Korea, France, Armenia, Turkey, and Puerto Rico.

Thanks everyone for checking out JapaneseGirlfriend.+ We've been working on this concept for quite sometime now and while it has been a very bumpy road we couldn't think of doing anything else but this. We don't just want to start a brand we want to spread a message of confidence and culture. If you got this far please check us on our networks:

The following examples will be projects dedicated to this class specifically. Critique, like, share, and let us know what you think! We can't wait to here from you and "HER"+

JG Adaptability Test


JapaneseGirlfriend. Perspectives

Theme: Wanderlust

Collection name: First Impression

Some things tend to hold higher value when they are unplanned and give off a great first impression. Whether it’s a new rooftop in the city, an attractive woman or a random pop-up shop, first impressions are everything. We use it as a double-entendre to represent first impressions between people and the moments they wander into.

Our first collection name, First Impression,  will have 4 styles of clothing and a handful of accessories. These styles include 2 crew neck tees, two light mid-weight hoodies, and one 10” Beanie. These pieces allow us to show our identity without breaking the bank as we carefully develop relationships for longer, more robust lines. The colorways reflect our main brand colors: red, black, white and gray with an added touch of mint, from our secondary colors. All together they represent something bold, clean, fresh and a tad mysterious; as something one should get a little more closely acquainted with.

T-shirt Concepts "WanderLust."

Its about high time the "American-style" hoodie was modified. We took elements from East Asian fashion and fused them with American flare to concept two zipper hoodies for this particular mock-up.

*Note: MockUp

"Photography courtesy of KithNYC"

At JG we admire effective simplicity. We didn't want to make anything too busy so instead we focused on how to make pieces different. We decided to go with the hybrid 6 panel snapback, and present our colors in a solid manner, with the only embelishment being the leather embossed "WanderLust" Icon.

We love Japanese culture so why not have fun a bit. This concept is part of a future collection that we will present in full at a later time. By using the process of imprint labeling we found we could create some pretty stellar labels. (Don't get any ideas;P)

Kia Car Mockup

We mentioned earlier that JG.'s design approach is elegantly simple, so for our Kia project we took influence from Japan itself without using patterns and excessive branding. Take a look+

That's IT!

Now a bit about us...

Reginald Pipkin, Creative Director: 

Reginald is an illustrator from Long Beach, California and co-founder of JapaneseGirlfriend. As a former (yet still) student of Japanese culture and language Reginald believes that it's imperative to "see the world through each other's eyes". While living in Japan he refined his skills in illustration, branding, and design. Now, back in the States, Reginald seeks to spread his message of "wanderlust" to a new generation of "trek-setters".  While at times over-zealous Reginald is passionate about living life to its fullest and helping others do the same. He counts playing piano, basketball, dance, and impersonations as some of his hobbies.

Jason Pierre, Branding Chief: 

Jason Pierre is co-founder and branding chief of JapaneseGirlfriend. As a self-taught designer and aspiring serial entrepreneur from Brooklyn, he is poised to show his chops as a branding and media addict. With a B.A. in Communication and Hard Knocks, he has melded together both formal and informal experiences working in nightlife and music entertainment, traveling the world, and making good friends along the way. His core belief is that character is the only true measure of a person's worth. You might catch him binging on stories of innovation, comedy and great food.

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