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Japanese in Manga

Have you ever wanted to learn Japanese? Are you passionate about Japanese comic books (aka manga)? Maybe you've always wanted to read one or maybe you just want to write one, regardless of what your big plans are, you've come to the right place.

In this class, we'll be learning basic to intermediate Japanese by reading an entire manga chapter! You'll learn what the common used phrases are and how to translate them properly. By taking each line from the chapter, we'll be studying both grammar and vocabulary, as well as pronunciaion (something you wouldn't usually be able to do when reading and that's just one of the fun parts). 

The project for this class will be twofold: 

1. during the class, you'll get to write your own story in Japanese, post it and discuss with your fellow classmates.

2. at the end of the class, when you're fully ready to take on a similar challenge, you'll get a second manga chapter to read and translate on your own.

All you think you'd need for this class is basic knowledge of hiragana, katakana and maybe a few kanji... HOWEVER, I'll be transcribing all the lines in Latin letters so that everyone can join in on the fun. You'll be therefore provided with a version written in Japanese and one in Latin characters. You choose.

Project Title:

My Own Manga Story - 自分の漫画の話

You'll be writing your own manga story based on what we learn each segment of the class! 

- Make your own characters

- Create and write your own story 

- Share and comment with your fellow classmates for inspiration

- Optional: DRAW!


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