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Esther L. Nariyoshi

Surface Pattern Designer | Letterer | Illustrator



Japanese Garden

My 1st focal point print is themed around: Japanese Garden.

Ah how wish I could go to Japan for the moodboard...maybe someday!

Probably went overboard here on moodboard inspiration gathering. I guess I have to be real careful when I move to the sketches, to make sure that copyrights are respected.




Here are colors that I will be playing with :)


This will be my future collection title


Here are some WIP






Starting to feel that colors compete with each other...need to take a break before moving on. 


Well, since my little girl's nap is extra long, gonna use the time to letter in Japanese. Thought it looks more personal.


Got the first blender pattern (sort of) done, I think I am going to come back to smooth the curves before finalizing it.


Kinda Stuck at this point, and feels like my motifs don't play well with each other, so I started doodling again on paper. Don't know where I am going with this but I love the richness of the layers.

here is the original inspiration


and here is my doodle.


I realized that my heart won't settle unless the pattern has been vectorized, so I kinda painfully redrew the pattern in illustrator again (live trace doesn't do well in this particular pattern and composition) late night last night. And so happy about the result: 


And I also realized that it's hard for me to think other collections when I am still working on different patterns of the 1st one. So I might just have 1 collection instead of 3 focal points by the end of the workshop. Either way, I am so in love with the creative process. :)

ps. quit my real job yesterday, and it will be effective end of Aug. this year, a little scared, but excited more than ever. Because I know that I have to at least try out this surface pattern path, or I will just keep wondering all kinds of "what ifs". Fingers crossed. :)


here i did my first raster pattern ever, it was no water watercolor blender print, thinking about how to recolor, because it doesn't not say "Japanese Garden", but I love the texture so much....thoughts?



oh goodness, my family has just gone through a round of sickness...glad that I have energy today to keep working on it :D

I added a little bit more motifs to the mix, because I wasn't sure how previous motifs can play well with each other, so here it is, will keep working until I fall in love



and here is a little geometric mt fuji.


Man, 3 weeks just flew by, didn't it!

I have a mini collection, still needs more work in the future, just love love love the process!



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