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Japanese Garden

I love Japanese design and therefore decided to base my pattern on some elements of Japanese design that appeal to me the most. I have explored trees, accessories and other elements of nature. Here are the inspirations collated in my moodboard.

After creating my moodboard I went about sketching various elements and designs of my own that represted the Japanese theme the best.

I scanned my sketches onto my laptop and drew over them with the blob brush tool which is easier when working with a mouse or trackpad I feel. Each drawing automatically expands and turns into shape rendering easy to manupilate in terma of size and colour. After this experimenting with the various designs I shortlisted a few and used them in my main pattern. 

The final pattern looks like this after editing the colours and spacing:

While thinking about what I could use this pattern for, it occured to me that I would love to own a set of pjs in this design so I created a mock up for a pj set. Its the first time I'm working with mock ups, so I would love all the feedback I can get.

and thank you Miss Elizabeth Olwen for an amazing in deptha and fun class in surface pattern design.


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