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Dawn Brundige

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Japanese Doll Illustration

I am very excited to start this project as it will give me an excellent start in learning illustrator. I always respond better to learning a program like this when I have a fun project to undertake with it. I have dabbled in illustrator before, however I am so comfortable in photoshop that I don't ever step out of that comfort zone. I really want and need to get to grips with illustrator should I ever want to persue a design career, so here I am :)

Here is my moodboard that I created. I am by nature full of wanderlust. I love to travel. I am orginally from the UK but live in the US. Japan is right at the top of my list of places to visit. I find the place fascinating! I wanted to base something around kawaii style Japanese dolls, maybe with some rain/nature in there as well. I have put some images in representing my ideal colour palettes too, however, I will be adding a colour board too.


Here is my colour palette that I have put together for my illustration. It was suprisingly difficult as I am a colour lover, I could have easily picked twice as many. I looked to my moodboard for inspiration as well as looking on pinterest again, searching with 'Japanese Spring Colours'. I also took into account what I have thought I want my design to look like. I would love feedback on the colours! :)


So after some going back and forth, I finally finished my illustration! I like her simplicity. I have throughly enjoyed this project and intend on making lots more friends using simple shapes! Illustrator doesnt seem so scary anymore!



I would love to hear thoughts and feedback!


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