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Janicia Jolie at Vanalden Caves


We went to Vanalden Caves in Tarzana. It was bright and sunny. I didn't have a reflector so I exposed so as not to clip the sunny background. Then I elevated the exposure on the model in post. I was afraid if I exposed for the model I'd have no detail left in the surroundings.


The open sky acted like a big softbox. I tried to position the model so that her face and cheekbones would capture the light and the side of her face would be darker, revealing form.


Here again, even though I'm using the background decoratively, I still try to position the model so that her face catches the light and she is in 'short lighting' with a shadowed cheek facing camera.


My lenses tend to be on the long side. One thing I learned from this course was to try working with wider lenses. I think I need to go even wider.


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