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Janice Barber




Janice's Resume Makeover

My name is Janice:) I'm from Paris, Ontario and will be finishing up my maternity leave in a couple months, so now is a perfect time to redo my resume  with a fresh look to capitivate clients and art directors in the creative field, especially in Illustration.  

Here is my old resume.  A set back that I do have is, 2 of 3 of my work experience is not in the creative field, though I have done minor artsy additions to the work environment. I think I'll remove the latte illustration...oh gosh just reformat the whole text hierchy and treatment lol!


This my current logo; my signature (I love loops and swirls), but now I'm wondering if should consider light, simple and clean sans serif type, since both logos maybe too blaring and distractive???  But you will find my body of work is very whimsicial so it reflects it. Your thoughts and suggestions:D





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